Body Shop Repairs Aren’t Complete Without Professional Painting

Sometimes, accidents happen that can leave beautiful cars marred with dents, scratches and scrapes. When repairs are made, many people don’t consider having a professional color match and painting done to make the vehicle look mint again. However, without that professional body painting, the vehicle will not look one-hundred percent. There are many benefits to having this done when taking a car in for body shop repairs.

What is Color Match?

Professional shops use color matching when painting to ensure that the color they’re using is the exact color of the vehicle they’re working on. With this tool, auto body workers can repaint areas on the car that have been scratched or marred in accidents. They can use the color match to fix the vehicle and make sure that your car maintains it “like new” appearance.

Why Color Matching is a Must

When a vehicle is painted, a specific blend of colors is used to create the final color that customers will see on a car. Color matching is a definite must when having a car repaired. A “cherry apple” red could be mixed several different ways and the same color could have many different formulas for mixing. It is important to use the exact formula that was used on the car originally, or the finished product will stand out, not blend in. The paint booth workers can ensure a smooth and even finish that looks fantastic.

Extra Costs

Working with the shop can be a great way to save money on a touch up paint job. Having a body shop that has the ability to paint your vehicle is a great convenience. You do not need to move your vehicle, simply drop it off and when you pick it up the body will be repair, paint matched and you will be ready to go. The cost for painting and color matching depends on the size of the job. It is important to discuss the damages and the extra costs with the body shop before having the repairs done. Remember, a professional paint job will help maintain the resale value of your vehicle. Many buyers look at the exterior of the car first, and it is safe to say that first impressions count.

Comparing Shops

Another thing individuals should consider before having their vehicle damage repaired is comparing shops. Different body shops will charge different prices, so obtaining an estimate is important before deciding which body shop should handle the painting and repairs.

Without professional painting, vehicle repairs can look less than perfect. However, professional painting with color matching can make a vehicle look fantastic again.