Home Body Wrap Kits

Let’s face it many Americans are overweight. Medical centers, T.V. shows, and magazines have been trying to provide ways for people to lose weight fast. Some of these quick weight loss alternatives have been successful, while others have failed miserably. Body wraps are a relatively new way of losing weight quickly.

Different ways of receiving these wraps exist. You may have seen or heard of a local shop that offers them. These shops have people who are experts and will do all of the hard work for you. If you don’t have a local shop, chances are that one of the major spas in your area will offer to wrap you up (for a price of course).

An alternative to a local shop or a spa is a home body wrap kit. You can purchase the kit online, have it shipped to you, and perform the wrap yourself (or with the help of a friend).

Benefits of a Home Kit

The main advantage of the at home kits is that you will likely have more privacy. A lot of body wraps require you to be completely naked for the wrap to be administered, although more and more wraps can be applied over thing layers of clothing. Some people are uncomfortable with having strangers wrap them up. For these people a home wrap kit may be the answer.

Another advantage of purchasing a home wrap kit is that you don’t have to leave your house to purchase it. Sometimes it is nice to do all of your shopping from your computer.

Disadvantages of an At Home Kit:

The main disadvantage of wrapping up at home is the workload. You have to mix any special ointments that will be applied, soak the wrap, apply the wrap to yourself, and if that isn’t enough you have to clean up after you have finished (some wraps can get a little messy). If this sounds like too much work for you, then going to a local shop may be the answer.

Another disadvantage of doing the wrap at home is that you may not be wrapping yourself correctly. Maybe you are wrapping too tightly or not tightly enough. You may be doing it exactly right, but you still might wonder if you’re doing it correctly.

Benefits of Going to a Shop:

The people at the body wrap shop do all of the hard work for you; you simply have to show up, pay them, and let them go to work. It is likely that they have done this hundreds of times, so you’ll feel confident that they are doing it correctly.

Disadvantages at the Shop

The main disadvantage at the shop is that you may feel uncomfortable having someone you don’t know that well wrap up your body. These shops also tend to have the same type of employees as Tanning Salons (blond, skinny girls). Another disadvantage may be pricing, as you’re not only paying for the supplies, but the service.

Body wraps can be a lot of fun, and they can be a great way to lose weight. Whether you decide to do it yourself, or go to a shop, best of luck with your weight loss goals.